The Path to Peace

A journey of Truth, Peace and Tranquility

Quran 28:56

"You surely cannot guide whoever you like ˹O Prophet˺, but it is Allah Who guides whoever He wills, and He knows best who are ˹fit to be˺ guided."

Before you continue on this site, I want to make something very clear. I did not put this website up to convert you. In islam, our beliefs are not forced on any person."Had your Lord so willed ˹O Prophet˺, all ˹people˺ on earth would have certainly believed, every single one of them! Would you then force people to become believers? - Quran 10:99"This website was created to share the genuine message of Islam, in a time when false information is prevalent. Some muslims are put in a place of feeling like they must answer to all accusations committed in the name of Islam. I've felt the same way and by the Will of Allah, those feelings have guided me in to bringing you this website. My intentions are to bring light to the truth with beneficial resources, inshallah (God Willing)

The biggest free source available online is the Quran itself, visit with an open heart and a genuine search for knowledge.Any mistakes made here are of my own accord and will be updated should the mistake be made known to me.

The Main Topics

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The Basics

The basics & foundations of Islam


Points for easy clarification


Sharing inspirational content

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the path to peace

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The controversy that surrounds just one faith

There is so much propaganda and lack of education that surrounds Islam, Like what you see on TV, and you will hear by word of mouth. Then there’s reading blogs that enjoin taking verses out of context."and kill them wherever you find them..." sound familiar? Don't worry you'll read and know the truth not an opinion.I am not here to force you to change your mind, my goal is only to enlighten and share with you. The way you choose to believe is of your own account and this message will not reach you except by the Will of Allah - the Guider of hearts.Going only to someone who holds no value or positive intentions for a subject, will not lead us to the Truth. Nothing is one-sided. If knowledge is what we genuinely are seeking then we wouldn't just stop when we are only content with what we hear. We must challenge our way of thinking.Your heart and intentions must be pure in the seeking of knowledge.I by no means consider myself nor am I a Sheik (a scholar) but I am firm and familiar with my faith as well as making great efforts to continue strengthening my understanding of not just mine but others' standpoint.Islam is not something that needs to be clarified by any human being, the Quran is and always will be the greatest source.Islam is not based on opinions or catering to common day beliefs and/or wants. Our beliefs don't accommodate to us, we accommodate to our belief.In the end, you will take what you will and leave what you will.Any thing good here is by Allah alone and any mistakes here are of my own accord, inshallah (God willing) this helps you see new light and clarification on the truth of Islam.Alhumdulliah (Praise be to Allah(God))

Audu Billahi Min ashShaytanir-rajeem
(I seek refuge in Allah(God) from Satan the cursed one)

Surah Taha (20:114)

Exalted is Allah, the True King! Do not rush to recite ˹a revelation of˺ the Quran ˹O Prophet˺ before it is ˹properly˺ conveyed to you, and pray, “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”

If you have found any mistakes here,
Please inform me so that I may look into the issue and update it accordingly.
Jazakallah Khayran
(May Allah(God) reward you with Goodness)

As Salamu Ailakum
(May peace be upon you)

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A beautiful recitation of verses from the Quran.


Below is a list of books I personally have read and enjoyed. Each one will have Book Title (will be linked to buy) and small description from book.The Clear Quran: The Quran, a personal favorite English-translation.FREE The Forbidden Prophecies: The Mayans. Nostradamus. Joseph Smith. Astrology. Tarot cards. Palm reading. These are just some of the individuals and practices that millions of people today believe can see into, and even influence, the future. A truly unique publication that will take you on a journey through history, putting the claims of the most popular prophets, oracles, and soothsayers to the test by scrutinising their predictions. You will see that there is one very special individual who stands out above all others when it comes to knowledge of the unseen. His ancient prophecies not only impact every human being alive today, but they also map out the major world-changing events on the horizon.FREE The Eternal Challenge: A Journey Through The Miraculous Qur’an makes it vividly clear why the Quran has captivated the hearts and Minds of Muslims around the world. Aimed at Muslims and non-muslims alike, this book covers what the Quran teaches, explores its main themes and provides compelling reasons why it is the word of God.Secrets of Divine Love: This book is for the one who is at the edge of their faith, who has experienced religion as a harsh winter instead of the life-bearing spring it was sent to be by God.

Articles / Blogs

Other websites dedicated to sharing the Message.

on Youtube

Favorite channels, Sheiks & Scholars

Revert Stories

Stories from people who reverted/converted to Islam.There is something so truly deep and sincere from Muslim revert stories. Their backgrounds, the paths they took and the depth of their journey to where they are now.The purity you find in their hearts that reach the words upon their lips.Forget all your pre-conceived notions and simply just listen to someone speak.While you are watching - something I want you to take a mental note of: listen to their speech and how they present themselves. For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, pay attention and be mindful. A small reminder to harness the best character within ourselves. Inshallah.

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The Foundations

Who is Allah?

The ONE true God. The Originator. The Designer. The All Knowing.
The most Merciful. The Master of the Day of Judgement.

The meaning of Islam

Surrendering to the One God; Submission to God's Will

The meaning of Muslim

A person who submits to Islam. In other words a follower of God and all His prophets and His message.

Abrahamic Faith

Islam: like Judaism and Christianity is one of the three major Abrahamic Faiths.

Revelations of the Quran

The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) from the Angel Jibreel(Gabriel) that was sent by God. The message and our Prophet was sent as a mercy to mankind.

The five pillars

Shahada - Declaration of belief in one God with no partners and that Muhammed (PBUH) is his messenger.Salat - Five daily obligatory prayersZakat - The givings of charity to the poor, orphans, and those in need.Hajj - A pilgrimage muslims must take at least once in their life to Mecca if we have the means to.Fasting - During the month of Ramadan when the Quran was revealed.

Who is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

A man who went against the odds and beliefs of common day people, who risked his life to share this message of peace. An orphan, illiterate, and was kicked out from his own home as he spread the message, had little possessions and lived a simple life. A man with the best of character.Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is from the Quraysh tribe, the descendant of Ishmael


A collection of sayings and actions attributed to the Prophet. A thorough exploration of his character and interactions.

Sunni, Shia, Sufi

Allah has ordained no sects in religion. While some have "branched" - the main message is followed by all three.

No compulsion in Religion

"Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things." - Quran 2:256

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